Conversion Kits
Convert your stock M1911 magazine to extra capacity 
Our Extra Capacity Conversion Kits give your original standard capacity 1911 magazines an extra round by simply replacing the spring & follower.

  •       Convert full size standard capacity mags from 7rds to 8rd capacity. 
  •      Convert compact sized capacity 1911 mags from 6rds to 7rd capacity.


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CMC MAGS - You Get What You Pay For!

All POWER series and MATCH GRADE series mags are designed for extra heavy duty usage and 100% built in the USA on CMC’s own complete sets of tooling (which is quite rare since almost all other 1911mags are built on the same generic tooling and then re-labeled by dozens of other brands). CMC’s higher quality and innovative designs are unique. CMC mags are held to die controlled tolerances that are 75% tighter than the decades old Military Specifications common among all the generic re-labeled 1911 mags.

$200 reward for information leading to the prosecution of any entity infringing on CMC Trademarks. 
 On All Orders Over $10!
Continental US only.